General Meetings

  • Third Sunday of the month, September through May; 2:00 – 4:00 PM
  • St Paul’s United Methodist Church, 1700 North Meridian Rd, Parlor, Tallahassee, Fl  32303
  • Programs are arranged by the Vice President
  • Program information is given in the bi-monthly newsletter and e-mail announcements

Board Meetings

  • First Wednesday of each month, September through May; 2:00 – 4:00 PM at the home of current (2017-2018) President Karol Selvaggio

The History of TaWS

The Society had its beginning in the late 1970’s among a small group of local dedicated watercolorists who joined in an effort to learn more about water media. Through the efforts of Mary Wyatt, Mitzi Kessler, Mary Jo Weale, Millie Van Aken, Vivian Sherlock and others, the Society was formally constituted and drew-up By-Laws in 1980 and elected Mary Wyatt as its first president in 1981.

Since its establishment, the Society promotes the fine art of water media through two annual shows:  Brush Strokes in the fall and the Tri-State Juried Water Media Exhibition in the spring.  The Society has consistently chosen to bring outstanding nationally recognized watercolorists to serve as jurors/   judges of the annual exhibitions.   From the start, workshops given by qualified watercolor artists have been a key component for instructing techniques in water media to its members.  In 2006 the Society established Signature Membership to those members who meet the qualifications of acceptance in the two annual exhibitions.

Through the general monthly meetings, invited guest artists present informative demonstrations and discussions on their craft. These meetings are open to the public.

The Society has an active outreach program in providing non-juried exhibitions within the Tallahassee area, as well as, by partnering with local area schools to provide art education opportunities.  

Past Presidents

The Society wishes to record, acknowledge, and thank its past President by listing their names and terms of office.  The membership is made up of many volunteers who time, energy, and ideas have helped this organization to grow.

Mary Wyatt 1981 - 83
Carolyn Riedel 1983 – 85
Barba Graham 1985 – 87
Susse Sherwood 1987 – 89
Leon Mead 1989 – 90
Dr. Pearl Tait 1990 – 91
Rosemary Ferguson 1991 – 93
John Felton 1993 – 94
Ken Echternacht 1994 – 96
donalee pond-Koenig 1996 – 98
Nancy Johnson 1998 – 00
Bill Abel 2000 – 02
Ann Kromhout 2002 - 04
Nina Allen Freeman 2004 – 06
Eluster Richardson 2006 – 08
Rene Lynch 2008 – 09
Mary Apple 2009 – 11
Linda Pelc 2011 – 13
Penny G. Anderson 2013 - 15
 Ken Menke  2015 - 17


The Tallahassee Watercolor Society’s Brush Strokes Juried Water Media Exhibition will be held at the City Hall Gallery from August 22 through October 8, 2018. The opening reception will be held on Thursday, August 30 from 6-7:30 pm. 

TaWS Board & Committees

President …………………  Eva-Lynn Powell        (h) 877-0086                                                                                                                                                                   (c) 544-8808

Vice President …………. Jenny Swearingen       (h) 545-3861                 

Treasurer ………………… Yoshi Murdick            (h) 443-0928                                                                            

Secretary …………………. Lynn Heacock          (h) 863-449-1797

Past President …………. Karol Selvaggio          (h) 385-9644                                                                                                                                                                (c)  321-2408  

Membership Chair …… Bernice Fuduloff          (h) 894-6026   

                                                                          (c) 322-3046

Hospitality Chair ……… Elena Scibelli               (h) 524-1884   

Brushstrokes Chair ……  Jen Lange                   (h) 345-8076   

 Tri-State Chairperson … Bobbi Buckingham      (h) 766-4672   


Tall Timbers ……. Juanita Whiddon                      (h)   224-0462

                                                                              (c)   566-3390

TMH Rehab ……. Jen Lange                                  (h) 345-8076

 TMH Cancer Center …. Sherry Allen                    (h) 544-3573






Tallahassee Watercolor Society By-Laws 

Amended October 2017 

TaWS By-Laws
Section 1. The name of the organization will be the TALLAHASSEE WATERCOLOR SOCIETY (TaWS).
Section 1
. The mission of the Tallahassee Watercolor Society (TaWS) is to promote the fine art of watercolor painting in Tallahassee and its surrounding communities. We aim to foster interaction among artists, to promote art in the schools, and to enrich the local community. This will be accomplished through exhibitions, critiques, educational classes and workshops, displaying art in public places and exposing artists to current methods and materials.
Section 2. The Society aims to foster artistic competition by sponsoring at least one juried watercolor exhibit annually for the states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama known as the Tri-State Exhibition. This exhibit shall be juried by a member of the American Watercolor Society or the National Watercolor Society. In addition, the Society would expect to hold a juried exhibition annually for members only. The Members' Exhibition shall be juried by a qualified individual, not a member of TaWS.
Section 3. Any TaWS member who attempts to influence, intimidate and/or harass a judge, exhibitor, board member or exhibition committee member can be banned from the current show and from future entry into TaWS exhibitions by vote of the Board.
Section 1
. Membership is open to artists and other persons who are 18 years of age or older from Florida, Georgia and Alabama, who work in a water based medium and pay annual dues.
Section 2. Annual dues shall be in the amount determined by the Board of Directors. Membership dues are payable January 1 and must be paid by March 31st. Nonpayment of dues terminates the membership. Delinquent members will not qualify for any member's exhibition. Unpaid members shall be dropped from the membership rolls on April 1st losing all status and privileges. Former members may rejoin at any time. However, in order to reinstate Signature status, all back dues must be paid.
Section 3. Individuals who have been members in good standing for a minimum of one year can retain their membership status and all the privileges thereof in the event that they relocate their residence out of the tri-state area of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.
Section 4. Membership categories:
A “Patron Membership” is an individual/organization that has given monetary support to the TaWS organization. This category has no voting rights and its’ tenure is at the discretion of the Board of TaWS. An “Associate Membership” is an individual/organization that has supported the TaWS organization with non-monetary gifts, i.e., merchandise, in-kind advertising/services, relationships, etc. This category has no voting rights and its’ tenure is at the discretion of the Board of TaWS.
Section 5. Signature Membership
a. In order to become a Signature Member one must:
1. Be in good standing with association dues and or debt paid in full.
2. Have earned a total of three (3) points awarded by the following system: one (1) point per show for acceptance into the Tri-State Exhibition and half (1/2) point per show for acceptance into the Members' Exhibition. At least two (2) points must come from Tri-State acceptances.
b. Having once qualified for Signature Membership the above subsection (1.) shall apply.
c. Signature Members are authorized to use "TaWS" after their signature. No other member category is so authorized.
Section 6. Life Membership
. Any person who has served as President of Tallahassee Watercolor 

Society two (2) years or longer will be given Life Membership in TaWS.
b. Life Membership shall be awarded to all those who have served as President for two (2) years or longer, retrospectively.
Section 6. Upon dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.
Section 1
President: to conduct meetings, appoint chairpersons of committees and attend to the general business of the Society.
Vice President: to conduct meetings in the President's absence and serve as chairperson for the program committee.
Secretary: to record minutes of meetings, to handle general correspondence, and to serve a chairman of the publicity
Treasurer: to conduct the financial affairs of the Society and to make regular reports to the membership.
Section 1.1. The term of office for each officer shall be one (1) year. An officer shall be eligible for re- election. However, the president shall not be elected to more than two (2) consecutive one-year terms. Section 2. The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) voting members. They shall include the elected officers and the one most recent past president, membership chairperson and Tri-State chairperson(s).
Section 3. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three members; one shall be a current Board member and two chosen from the membership. The Committee shall be appointed by the President in February and shall report the slate of officers to the members in March through the Newsletter and the general meeting in that month. The new officers will be elected at the April general meeting and installed at the May Annual Meeting. Election shall be by a majority of the members present.
Section 4. Chairpersons of the Tallahassee Watercolor Society’s workshop committee will be allowed to participate in the workshops free of charge. There shall be no more than two chairpersons serving on the workshop committee at one time.
Section 1.
The general meetings will be established by the Board of Directors and the Calendar of Events will be published in the Fall Newsletter. The calendar year will be from September through May.
Section 2. The Board of Directors will hold meetings as determined by the Board members.
By-Laws may be changed as needed. Proposed changes must first be approved by a majority vote of Board Members. The proposed amendments must them be presented in written form 7 days before any General Meeting to the general membership. The By-laws may be amended at any General Meeting by a majority vote of those present following notification via e-blast, newsletter or by letter.
Last revised by membership vote in January 2014. 



©2000-2015 Tallahassee Watercolor Society. All rights Reserved. Individual artworks are copyrighted by each artist.
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